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Bank Board Training

Regulations require that directors of financial institutions be educated and well versed in the extensive regulations governing their institution, taking a proactive, engaged approach to performing their board duties. To help directors meet these requirements, the FTI Consulting Bank Governance & Regulation team of experienced former bank regulators and senior bank managers shares their current knowledge of today’s regulatory environment – offering practical and effective solutions and advising the Board concerning current and potential issues the institution is, or may be faced with before those issues escalate into crisis situations.

Our service focus includes:

  • Regulatory Framework – Helping Board members better understand the correspondence, reports and ratings issued by specific regulators, and improve the overall management of requirements and communications with regulators.
  • AML/BSA/OFAC Program – Advising the Board on the four pillars of the AML/BSA/OFAC Program, preparing the Board on how to evaluate their bank’s program, and providing the Board with the tools to evaluate their bank’s program.
  • Compliance Management System – Helping the Board understand each regulator’s expectations and the Board’s responsibilities for ensuring that the Bank has an effective compliance management system in place.
  • Safety and Soundness – Educating Directors regarding the underlying factors influencing the CAMEL rating and how it is determined, looking closely at measures relating to asset quality, capital, earnings, liquidity, management processes, and sensitivity to market risk.
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