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Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy

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The foundation of our holistic approach is based on leveraging expert analyses and understanding of healthcare demands and systems in target markets to inform business decisions. FTI Consulting’s Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy applies cutting-edge economics and quantitative methods to assist clients in developing and implementing market-based solutions across a wide spectrum of healthcare activity. We provide economic and financial modeling to develop evidence-based strategies to address fundamental changes in healthcare demand and delivery within a healthcare system or a region. Our advanced capabilities and extensive data sets can address effects of major policy, regulatory, or significant and disruptive demand changes on healthcare systems or communities. We provide predictive modeling capable of evaluating complex “what-if” scenarios for public and private stakeholders.

The Center’s focus on analytic domains relies on a multi-disciplinary team composed of Ph.D. Economists, analytic consultants, advanced industry experts, and predictive modelers. Domains include mergers and acquisitions, market insight, value-based arrangements, cross-stakeholder and community-level analysis, population health, and transformation. The Center draws from a wealth of public, private, and proprietary databases. Together, the data can be used to assist clients develop actionable metrics, assess current and future capacity and resources, evaluate changes in reimbursements, consider patient behaviors and outcomes, track and simulate health populations over time, and guide future decision making, among others. We collaborate with colleagues across FTI Consulting, including strategic communications, healthcare practitioners and experts, and financial specialists. Clients include employers, payors, health systems and other providers, local and national governments, and community and regional consortia.

Our Services include:

Enhanced Community Healthcare Assessments

Our proven analytics and modeling, including integrated economic impact analysis, provide sound evidence-based analysis to inform strategic healthcare transformation and interventions for local communities and employers for health and economic well-being.

Modeling and Transformation

We offer unparalleled analytics, benchmarking, simulation, and predictive modeling algorithms that can provide reliable and actionable information for our clients.

Strategic and Management Consulting

Our team specializes in providing evidence-based solutions for the healthcare issues clients face today as well as helping plan for an ever-changing healthcare landscape.


Our experts have successfully testified in healthcare litigation and arbitration matters on numerous antitrust and commercial disputes in court and before regulatory and administrative authorities.

M&A, Antitrust and Competition

Our team brings unique insights from extensive experience working on provider and payer transactions across the healthcare continuum and contributes expert solutions to complex investigatory and litigation matters.

Policy and Regulation

We are committed to the importance of providing economically sound, evidence-based analyses that recognize the multidimensional challenges of healthcare reform. Our team employs econometric and other empirical evidence-based analyses to identify and develop healthcare organizational and process reforms that deliver better outcomes at greater value for money.

Private Equity: Regulatory and Healthcare Market Assessments

Our work for private equity clients includes M&A and regulatory issues, market sizing, profitability analysis, and creating the value proposition for healthcare products and services.

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