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Labor & Productivity

Optimizing an organization’s workforce is of critical importance in delivering quality care within today’s tight operating margins. Having the right employees deployed to the right job at the right time is critical. Opportunities often exist to more fully leverage the talent that exists within organizations. FTI Consulting Health Solutions has expert teams that understand hospital, ambulatory and practice operations and partner with clients to create nimble, responsive, competent and efficient staffing plans and processes. Collaborating with technology partners such as Kronos, we are able to customize an approach based on client need and environment.

We assist our clients in sustainably enhancing operational productivity with the following services and approaches:

  • Flexible services structured to meet the needs of your organization – whether opting for an accelerated productivity analysis or detailed operational reviews and process improvement initiatives
  • Benchmarking against industry standards and best practices
  • Implementation and optimization of labor productivity management systems
  • Our professionals are experienced health system operators who work with your managers to improve performance by eliminating non-value-added work and by offering sustainable recommendations. These operational changes often have a positive ripple effect throughout the organization.
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