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Perioperative/Procedural Services

Operating Rooms are the engine of a health care system and financial success is built around effective Perioperative/Procedural Services. These services contribute nearly 65% to the bottom line. Therefore, for facility leadership under tremendous pressure to improve financial performance, it is imperative to improve performance within the operating room environment.

FTI Consulting applies a systematic approach to increase OR capacity and growth by implementing comprehensive solutions inside and outside the OR. Our goal is to increase patient, physician and staff satisfaction while improving quality and improving bottom line results for the hospital or health system.

We have successfully enhanced Perioperative/Procedural performance for healthcare systems of various sizes by improving most critical operational aspects: Schedule Management, Preoperative Process Management, Postoperative Process Management and Support Services Management.

The Perioperative/Procedural Services team of FTI Consulting is composed of experts with many years of experience within the perioperative continuum, health care strategy and technology management.

Our Perioperative/Procedural Experts assess and implement solutions related to:

  • Strategic volume growth
  • Service line development
  • Capacity management
  • Throughput/Performance improvement
  • Day of surgery/procedure cancellation reduction
  • Pre-surgical testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Information System efficiency
  • Block management and scheduling
  • Surgeon/Proceduralist scorecards
  • Policies, procedures, and guidelines
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