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Performance Enhancement/Operational Alignment

Whether from an owner or a lender point of view, FTI Consulting provides detailed independent analysis, along with comparative benchmarking, to identify opportunities to enhance performance and reduce costs. Our team’s deep experience in running, financing and assessing hotel, gaming and leisure operations equips clients with much-needed insight, best practice and innovative strategies to provide a third-party viewpoint on all aspects of operations. Our active, on-the-ground management experience working hands on with operators and managers allows our professionals to bring real-life solutions to the table and help create maximum value for stakeholders.

Our Services include:

  • Strategy evaluation
  • Competitive/market positioning
  • Revenue and expense benchmarking
  • Labor and staffing analysis
  • Cash flow and liquidity management
  • Business plan and forecast/budget assessment
  • Management contract review and negotiation
  • Asset Management
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