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Strategic Communications Advisory Services

FTI Consulting advises management on how to make more and better informed strategic decisions and to communicate business imperatives to achieve desired results, mitigate risk and manage a company’s brand, reputation and valuation via consistent and sustainable messaging across all stakeholders (government authorities, legislative and regulatory bodies, internal, commercial, press, financial and shareholders).

Our Service Offerings

Corporate Branding & Reputation and Crisis Management

  • Develop communications strategies that build and protect the enterprise.
  • Communicate comprehensive multi-stakeholder brand communications plans that are actionable across an organization and are measureable against key performance indicators.
  • Formulate communications strategies for transformational and event-driven branding challenges such as a change in business strategy, organizational growth and crisis management and the need for thought leadership or management of external issues such as regulatory investigations.

Sustainability & Government Relations

  • Benchmark a company‚Äôs sustainability efforts across all sectors to understand its position relative to public policy, the marketplace, competitors and best-in-class corporate leaders.
  • Create effective sustainability communications programs, working with a company to manage media, analyst and government/legislative relations and sustainability rankings.
  • Consult on the critical requirements related to accurate disclosure reporting and identify forums where a company can raise awareness for and deepen its engagement.

Market Entry & Expansion

  • Provide strategic communications counsel and execution to help a company enter new markets, expand in existing markets and analyze market entry options.
  • Ensure that market entry strategies are communicated effectively to key stakeholders in a new market and in existing markets.
  • Anticipate and plan for potential obstacles associated with market entry, from product differentiation to adaptation of the cultural and political realities of a new geography.

Leadership Positioning

  • Create strategic positioning platforms for CEOs designed to advance a company’s business strategy.
  • Develop a successful strategy that positions the CEO’s knowledge, leadership and engagement on industry-leading topics, public policy and matters of national importance, maximizing the impact of the CEO’s role to further enable a company’s business goals and enhance its enterprise value.
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