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Merger & Acquisition Advisory

Merging with or acquiring another company can provide tremendous economic advantages, but doing so can also prove a costly mistake. It's essential to work with an objective expert who understands the complexities of the M&A process and can effectively devise strategies that maximize growth and minimize risk.

FTI Consulting has the experience and expertise to help you target the right prospects, evaluate their potential and help negotiate the transaction.

Our Services include:

  • Analyzing of your company's position to determine opportunities to increase value
  • Identifying of candidates based on value in terms of management, products, market, workforce, technology, as well as corporate culture and fit
  • Approaching acquisition or merger prospects in the appropriate way and at the highest levels
  • Providing transaction support including valuation and appraisal, fairness opinion and purchase price allocation
  • Structuring deals/negotiations to minimize buyer risk and meet seller requirements
  • Providing guidance on tax implications to participants
  • Navigating social issues, including executive compensation
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