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Interim Management Services

Organizations that are in crisis, in transition, driving change or in other difficult situations, often are in need of interim management services that can restore credibility to the unstable organization while preserving, protecting and enhancing enterprise value for its stakeholders.

FTI Consulting’s interim management professionals are highly regarded, experienced executives focused on enhancing working capital and driving profit improvement strategies. Committed to delivering immediate and meaningful results to companies and their stakeholders, our interim management professionals:

  • Fulfill CEO, CFO, COO, CIO and CRO positions on an interim basis to help companies negotiate the restructuring process, achieve short-term viability, and drive long-term positive change and enterprise value
  • Identify root causes of operating and financial difficulties
  • Prepare and implement restructuring plans (including negotiation with key stakeholders such as debt and equity capital providers) and build positive cash flow to sustain growth
  • Realign internal incentives to drive appropriate behavior and change company culture
  • When necessary, draw additional analytical and industry-specialized resources from within FTI Consulting
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