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Opportunistic Investor Services

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Distressed debt presents opportunities for investors to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition of troubled debt or the acquisition and resolution of mortgage interests connected to real property. Holders of distressed debt need assistance in preparing for and executing loan sales to meet regulatory, capital ratio, cash need or other objectives. FTI Consulting provides both sell- and buy-side services related to distressed debt interests in real estate.

Our Services include:

  • Organize/build database for bidders and conduct sell-side due diligence
  • Provide indicative pricing analyses to set bid expectations
  • Advise on loan pool configuration to maximize bid interest and results
  • Advise on terms and conditions of loan sales
  • Verify information and assist with closing transactions
  • Provide due diligence on loan documents, servicing histories, and property collateral and markets
  • Develop pricing analyses and sensitivities
  • Analyze cost of servicing
  • Assist with bid formulation, closing and transfer of servicing
  • Assist in loan resolution and related buyer’s tax consequences
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