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Performance Improvement

Executives are exploring fundamental changes that need to occur in order to evolve and revolutionize the consumer products business. At FTI Consulting, we, too, are involved in the issues and challenges facing companies today — driving growth, managing expenses and enhancing return on investment — in an environment where the accelerating pace of change truly is the only constant. We believe this environment will exist for the foreseeable future, and, if anything, we’re still in the early stages of the new era.

Our Consumer Products Business Improvement services offerings range from performance improvement through successful execution of strategic alternatives. At FTI Consulting, our Business Improvement projects have three key objectives:

  • Increase Revenues — Our Revenue Management team helps clients balance the quantity and quality of revenues while cultivating the right customer base and generating profitable growth. This is done through the following core processes:
    • Understanding, acquiring, managing and growing the customer base
    • Assessing, developing and optimizing product and market management
    • Defining, designing and managing new products
  • Improve Operations — Our Operations Improvement team helps clients reduce costs through plant consolidation, elimination of redundant processes, equipment strategies, and improvements to systems, technology, yield management, and energy consumption. These reductions and efficiencies are achieved by establishing performance measures and accountability.
  • Manage ROI — Our Financial Management team balances strategic priorities and delivers enterprise value through strong business and financial planning. A fully articulated business plan aligns initiatives and resources with financial performance, all with an underlying focus on cash flow. Key capabilities include:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Alternatives
    • Financial Planning
    • Working Capital Management
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