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While having suffered significant revenue declines and more value loss from digital disruption than almost any other industry, publishing continues to transform and reinvent its business models. Legacy businesses continue to experience audience and advertiser losses while digital audiences continue to grow, and diversified revenue streams show consistent upside.

FTI Consulting is proud to be a major force in the transformation of scores of newspapers and magazines. Taking a disciplined approach to creating sustainable, measurable improvements in cash flow and enterprise value, FTI Consulting draws on perspectives gained from work on more than 300 engagements. Our understanding of industry best practices and operating metrics has been captured in a proprietary benchmarking database which supports a fact based approach to redesign organizations, restructure legacy workflows, identify revenue opportunities in various channels and find expense reductions across the organization that create solutions for the rapid migration of consumers and advertisers to digital alternatives.

Working side-by-side as partners with our clients, our senior level experts provide recommendations honed by analytical rigor and expertise developed over years of industry experience.

Our Services

Business Improvement and Growth

In the rapidly changing, competitive newspaper and magazine environment, FTI Consulting approaches profitability improvement in three broad categories:

  • Margin Enablers
    • Business Transformation
    • Organizational Design
    • Salesforce Effectiveness
    • Sales Compensation Planning
    • Workflow and Systems Optimization
    • Change Management
  • Revenue Generators
    • Product | Portfolio Assessment
    • Advertising Pricing | Yield Optimization
    • Consumer Acquisition | Retention | Yield
    • Customer Experience
  • Expense  Optimization
    • Benchmarking | Best Practice Implementation
    • End-to-End Optimization | Operations Assessments
    • Shared Services | Consolidation | Strategic Outsourcing
    • Information Technology Rationalization

Merger & Acquisition Integration/Carve Outs

Utilizing our extensive experience in identifying and quantifying merger synergies, the FTI Consulting Merger & Acquisition Integration group develops operational integration and project management implementation plans that reduce the time needed to speed integration and achieve synergy for medium-sized and large companies.

To help management frame issues that ensure that integration objectives and timetables are met, we draw upon extensive operational process management experience in carve-outs, detailed integration and operations planning, and best practices.

Due Diligence

The transaction advisory experts at FTI Consulting — senior partners and dedicated teams with specific industry expertise — offer a forward-looking perspective and track record of success across the entire transaction life cycle. Whether representing buyers, sellers or lenders, we offer comprehensive due diligence advice and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return spectrum. As part of a global consulting firm known for success in high-profile, high-stakes transactions, we help our clients maximize value and minimize risk.


With more than 1,350 transactions completed, our valuation experts understand the complexities of analyzing assets and businesses in both dynamic and declining markets. Our professionals bring a unique depth of financial and practical experience to all our valuation engagements. Also, by leveraging our significant industry expertise, we specialize in assessing the value of intellectual property and intangible assets. For many years, Thomson Reuters has recognized FTI Consulting as the premier firm for content and intellectual property valuation and business forecasting.

Investment Banking

FTI Consulting combines our deep industry experience and contacts with investment banking/transaction execution expertise to convey a company’s key value drivers (and risks) to potential buyers, sellers and financing sources in a way no one else can do.

To help consummate transactions, our FINRA-regulated investment-banking subsidiary, FTI Capital Advisors, LLC, leverages our industry-specific, deep operational understanding of our clients to provide insight and expertise.

FTI Consulting is distinguished among financial advisors for assisting clients in the development of financial forecasts to complete merger and acquisition and financing transactions and for use in a wide variety of other situations. These include assessing the economic potential and viability of certain business segments or operations and developing long-term strategic plans and alternatives.

Interim Management

Company challenges may be strategic, operational, financial or market driven, but, inevitably, they will lead to loss of investor confidence if not managed optimally. To assist companies through critical periods of transition or to achieve specific critical goals, investors and management engage FTI Consulting for interim management services. Our turnaround and crisis management teams provide a broad array of experience within the C-suite. They know how to manage risk, reduce costs, improve liquidity and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Some engagements are short term, requiring a fully staffed team to execute a business plan quickly or stay the course while a company negotiates a sale or merger. Others are longer term, requiring one or two professionals with specific skills to oversee change.

Litigation Support

FTI Consulting provides law firms and corporations around the globe with a complete suite of litigation support and investigative, consulting and expert witness services. Our team of print experts includes certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, valuation experts and insolvency professionals, among others, with expertise in networked industries, anti-trust and intellectual property.

Utilizing our deep print industry experience and our financial and operational know-how, we understand complex situations quickly and articulate critical issues clearly in writing and in the witness box. As a result, we have been directly involved in some of the most historic, high-stakes cases of the last decade.


FTI Consulting has led the restructuring league tables consistently, thanks to our team’s in-depth, industry-specific operational experience and world-class financial expertise. We approach restructuring with industry-specific knowledge plus bankruptcy and reorganization expertise. We have a highly respected track record of stabilizing overleveraged companies, resolving balance sheet issues, assessing operations, restructuring debt and maximizing value to constituents.

FTI Consulting is well known for mobilizing the specialized, highly experienced services needed for each unique situation. Our restructuring team helps clients improve liquidity, conserve cash and manage working capital with services that include contingency planning, stakeholder negotiation, divestiture analysis and debtor-in-possession and exit financing options.

Strategic Communications

The Publishing industry team within our Strategic Communications practice includes sector experts with experience representing a broad range of organizations and companies, from start-ups to multinationals. Our clients benefit directly from our comprehensive suite of integrated communications services – corporate and employee communications, financial communications, public affairs, creative engagement, strategy consulting and research, crisis communications – enhanced by the team’s relationships with key influencers.

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