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We believe businesses should only invest in technology for two reasons: either to maximize operating efficiency or to sustain competitive advantages in the markets they serve.

FTI Consulting is not an IT shop or systems integrator. Instead, our seasoned technology professionals focus on Technology Transformation. In other words, linking IT to strategic goals in order to reduce costs or out-innovate the competition. Our services range from IT re-platforming required by merger and carve-out activity, to cloud-shifting the business, where designing complex state of the art systems and processing large-scale project management are required.

Our Services

Process Transformation

Successful companies continually improve and automate processes to achieve cost efficiencies. Innovation in technology at times allows companies to make step-changes in how they manage their business. These changes may include outsourcing non-strategic activities and enabling a more mobile workforce through cloud-based applications. FTI Consulting can help companies re-evaluate processes and systems to achieve greater efficiency and then design the end-to-end platforms and activities needed to achieve these productivity gains.

Merger Integration

When similar companies merge, IT is often a large source of intended synergies, but also an area of deep complexity. FTI Consulting has a proven methodology to identify proper consolidation strategies across multiple dimensions including investment, synergies, architectural fit, data migration and consolidation among others. Our approach begins with an application inventory, followed by transition road-mapping and end-state design.

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Spinning companies out from their parent organizations requires transitioning out most of the IT platforms historically used to run the company. Hence, carve-out planning has to address the new systems needed by the exiting company, and how its systems will be replaced over time. This usually includes structuring Transactional Service Agreements (“TSAs”) and other agreements in the short term while acquiring new systems in the mid- and long-term.

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Taking advantage of the trend toward cloud-based applications is a tempting way to reduce licensing and maintenance costs for businesses. But it may not be cost effective in the long term by saddling companies with continual vendor upgrades. FTI Consulting helps companies assess these opportunities and plan these transitions.

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Big Data Analytics

Helping companies adapt to a real-time petabyte world while gaining true customer insight is the objective of our big data practice. Our Ph.D. economists and statisticians understand how to use data profitably. In addition, our IT specialists help design both structured and unstructured data repositories and couple them with data visualization tools to maximize the return on your analytics investment.

Product Innovation

Many businesses provide products to clients that are either software-based or rely on software and networks to deliver services. Examples range from over-the-top content delivery to hotel reservation systems, or the shift from on-premise licensing of software products to seat-based cloud applications. We view product innovation in two forms: Catch-Up innovation and Leap-Frog innovation.

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Customer Experience Design

How customers experience your brand as they engage with you should be a chief concern to all B2C companies. After all, brand loyalty is the by-product of good customer experiences. The quality of your customers’ experience always comes down to your people, processes and systems and how seamlessly they work together to create a positive customer experience.

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Project Management

When companies take on new, sizeable IT initiatives, they often need help designing the implementation plan and overseeing its execution. Our IT professionals have run hundreds of mid-size and large project management programs across the globe. And because FTI Consulting is not a systems integrator, we are not conflicted or biased about the best choice of resources for our clients.

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Digital Transformation

Almost all companies have completed their first wave of digital transformation. The next wave involves deeper engagement of customers, employees and partners digitally, whether integrating with partners through open APIs, shifting to web-based applications to mobilize your workforce, or creating mobile applications for your customers to engage more easily with your business.

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