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Construction Claims: No Records, More Disputes?

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February 21, 2018


Contract administration is an essential part of every construction project. Not only is this a requirement of every construction contract but it is essential to allow analysts to prepare and defend detailed claims for time and money.

It will also give experts and tribunals an appreciation of what was happening on a project at any point in time if the claim were to proceed to a formal dispute. In this article we outline why records are crucial for the successful administration of construction contracts and claims, and how they can help mitigate unnecessary costs.

Time Claims – The Importance of Records

The skill of compiling a successful time claim is to recreate the event that caused the delay and apply the details of that particular event to the construction programme relevant at the date of the delay. These events have usually occurred in the relatively distant past and only through the use of records collected at the time of the event can the details be extracted.

The absence of records generally leads to more assumptions being made and increases the likelihood that the claim will escalate into a dispute. It is also worth noting that the cost of producing the claim will be reduced significantly when the necessary records are in place and are easily accessible.

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