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How to Increase the Transformative Value of Insurance M&A Transactions


January 8, 2019


Investor appetite and global insurance M&A remains strong as buyers and sellers seek an edge over competitors in a consumer market increasingly adopting innovative products and services offered by insurtech startups. In making choices in this dynamic marketplace, it is important for buyers and sellers to reassess pre- and post-transaction expectations, putting more focus on factors that will increase and sustain post-transaction value in the long term.

Executive Summary

In this article we discuss the market factors influencing M&A, and how buyers and sellers can achieve increased value from M&A transactions by focusing on the key enablers and drivers of sustainable value creation. Our objective is to provide insights and guidance that enable companies to gain more value from M&A. Buyers are looking for M&A opportunities to accelerate their growth strategy by deepening capabilities in customer intimacy, product and technology innovation, organizational transformation and operational efficiency.

Underpinning these four strategic goals are two primary factors — aligning and managing cultural fit and optimizing data analytics. Sellers can maximize their asset valuations by viewing their asset value through a similar lens. We provide further guidance to both buyers and sellers by providing examples and the FTI Consulting Data Analytics Maturity Model, to help frame and track progress toward your ability to create sustainable value.

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