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M&A Strategy and Integration

Adapting to Today’s Disruptive Business Models and the Changing Mechanics of Value Creation

Corporate Finance & Restructuring | Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT)

November 28, 2017


The rules of business continue to be redefined by highly disruptive technologies on a global scale that are altering business models, value propositions, customer demands, interaction models, the economic logic for transacting, profits measurement and the evolution of new interconnected ecosystems.

These changes are much more prevalent in the last few years. There is disruption everywhere, with technologies such as cloud, software-defined everything, open source, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and augmented/virtual reality starting to go mainstream and creating new business models across industries. Established players have to adapt and perhaps reinvent themselves or risk being displaced.

All of this is changing the thinking behind how M&A strategy is conceptualized and executed. The very questions around the definition of value and how to maximize it are undergoing transformation as well (e.g., areas to focus on during due diligence, synergies to exploit and value creation itself). But M&A integration often has not kept pace with these changes and must rapidly adapt as well.

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