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Restructuring Professionals Q&A

Corporate Finance & Restructuring | Telecom, Media & Technology | The Secured Lender (Reprint)

June 29, 2018


Carlyn Taylor, Global Co-Leader of the Corporate Finance & Restructuring segment, was featured in The Secured Lender’s June 2018 edition.

The Secured Lender’s senior editor, Eileen Wubbe, speaks with several restructuring experts, including:

  • Carlyn Taylor
  • Jennifer Cann, Managing Director, Wells Fargo Retail Finance
  • Cheryl Carner, Senior Managing Director, Crystal Financial
  • Sandra Vrejan, Partner, Morgan Lewis PC

These four leaders discuss a variety of topics, including what initially attracted them to restructuring, what key restructuring issues lenders need to be aware of in 2018 and the future, what restructuring trends are emerging in different sectors, and challenges they have faced as women in a male-dominated field. Read more to learn more about their insightful perspectives on the past, present and future of the restructuring field.

Posted with permission from The Secured Lender. Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

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Key Contact

Carlyn R. Taylor

Global Co-Leader of Corporate Finance & Restructuring, FTI Industry Initiative Leader