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Preparing Effectively for ‘Big Change’

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September 4, 2015

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There is a time in the life cycle of every business when it has to face ‘change’ head on.

It could be change by choice, such as entering a new market on the other side of the world, preparing to implement critical new processes in your organisation, or perhaps entering into a new strategic partnership with another firm. Alternatively you could be forced into change, for example by new legislation, an aggressive new competitor entering the market or possibly a breakthrough technology changing the competitive landscape.

Running a successful business is never easy, and when a ‘big change’ comes, there are always winners and losers.

But why are some firms better prepared for this change than others? It doesn’t matter whether the change is positive or negative, foreseen or unexpected, clear or uncertain. These firms not only have a clear strategy for it but they are also able to hit the ground running and react quickly and nimbly once their competitors start taking action.

In our experience, this is not a matter of luck, nor an ability to predict the future. So how do they do it? How can companies best prepare for ‘Big Change’?

The answer lies in the use of a technique known as ‘Strategic War Gaming’.

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