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The 2014 South African General Election: What Next

Now that the 2014 elections are coming to an end with the final few votes being counted, Max Gebhardt takes a look at what it means.

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May 12, 2014

For once the pollsters largely managed to get the results of South Africa’s fifth democratic election, or the “Born free” election as it has become known, correct. Most had said that the ANC’s majority would be pinned back to around the 62% mark and that the DA would increase its share of the vote. By Friday morning, with 95% of the votes counted, the DA had polled 22%.

This is a five percentage point improvement on its performance in the 2009 general elections when the DA secured 16,7% of the votes. The ANC secured 65,9% of the votes in 2009.

The DA managed to increase its share of the vote in the Western Cape, as predicted, securing 56.8% of the vote up from 48% in 2009.

The ANC maintained its dominance in all the other provinces and saw marginal gains in some areas, particularly in the Eastern Cape where it increased its majority to 70% following the spectacular collapse of Cope. which has all but disappeared from the South African political landscape.

Cope had gained 7% of the vote in 2009. The complete destruction of the party isn’t that surprising as it had been imploding even before the elections with the constant infighting and leadership battles.

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