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Transport Transformation

London Calling: The Great Crossrail Project

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September 11, 2015

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If you have travelled through Central London over the past six years, you will likely have been caught up in Europe’s current largest construction project – Crossrail.

Indeed, those working in London will now be used to the numerous, enormous sites that are scattered across the city. Contrary to the usual construction work which heads for the skies, almost all of it is taking place below ground. after being a hot potato for numerous Governments throughout the years, Crossrail is finally becoming a reality.

What is Crossrail?
Crossrail is a rail transport route that will connect reading in Berkshire and Heathrow, both west of London, to Abbey Wood in south-east London, and Shenfield in Essex to the east. It will span over 100km in length.

While it will use many out of town existing, but suitably modified, stations along its route, 10 of the 40 stations will be completely new, including those in central London and at Canary Wharf. in a staggering feat of engineering, 26 miles of new twin-bore tunnels have been created under London – a marathon in its own right.

Crossrail promises to transform London’s rail transport network. Passenger capacity is predicted to grow by 10% and journey times will be reduced. Congestion should ease across all networks and, crucially, it is expected that an additional 1.5 million travellers will be able to reach central London within three quarters of an hour. Of course, whether people will be tempted to switch from their cars to an apparently environmentally sustainable railway remains to be seen.

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