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Wargaming for M&A Integration Leaders

Confronting the realities of M&A Integration in the modern age

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

December 19, 2017


"One thing a person cannot do, no matter how rigorous his analysis or heroic his imagination, is to draw up a list of things that would never occur to him.” - Thomas Schelling

Hope Is Not a Strategy

A well-worn expression in military circles famously observed by Prussian Field Marshall Helmut Von Moltke, and one supported by its absolute truth, is that "no battle plan survives contact with the enemy."

Knowing this, Moltke had forces under his command participate in Wargaming, simulating operational and counter-moves on the field of battle in order to surface both unanticipated strengths and weaknesses, but above all, to subject existing assumptions to the uncertainties of fast-evolving, complex situations.

Business Wargaming is an adaptation of this rigorous simulation, but unlike the centuries-old events staged in Prussia, enterprise-level Wargames are a relatively recent development. However, their implementation is growing rapidly, given the extraordinary levels of uncertainty and disruption in the technology industry today. In other words, it is driven by the recognition that it is a competitive advantage to be able to develop a strategy and execution plan in an environment defined by unknowns.

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