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February 16, 2018


The automotive manufacturing and distribution industry is on track to achieve revenue of $2 trillion with an installed base of 1.3 billion vehicles and aftermarket revenue of $550 billion. At the same time, the industry is entering a period of unprecedented commercial and technological change. The car is no longer just a mode of transport. “Connected” vehicle technologies are creating a new commercial environment, which has embraced both car and motorist. These advances are changing the automotive industry in the same way the iPhone changed the cell phone and Uber changed the taxi industry, but rapid industry innovation has challenges and risks for all constituents.

Insights date include:

  • To succeed, companies must implement key strategic and tactical planning initiatives now.
  • Product, sales channel, distribution and organizational design are critical elements that drive success or failure

FTI Consulting is both attuned to trends and has the execution skills necessary to help you navigate and overcome industry disrupters. Our global team has successfully worked with automotive, manufacturing and distribution companies around the world.

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