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Economic & Financial Consulting Brochure

North America

Economic Consulting

March 12, 2018


FTI Consulting’s Economic & Financial Consulting practice provides law firms, corporations and government agencies with sophisticated and comprehensible analyses of complex economic issues to assist them in understanding the issues and opportunities they face.

Our practice is involved in a wide range of engagements related to economics, finance and accounting. We provide critical insight and expert testimony in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision-making and public policy debates.

We also have deep expertise in antitrust issues, mergers and acquisitions, securities litigation and risk management, valuation and international arbitration.

Applying the theory and principles of microeconomics and finance, we perform many different types of economic and financial analyses, always approaching problems in a highly logical, structured and practical way.

We have extensive modeling experience, designing and building economic and financial models for a wide range of uses and contexts. Our team of specialist econometricians also offers robust and relevant econometric and statistical analysis.

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Key Contact

Mark Bezant

Senior Managing Director, Head of EMEA & Asia-Pacific Economic & Financial Consulting