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Statistical Sampling & Network Analysis

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June 1, 2016

Purple and Blue DNA cells

Network analysis is visualizing and evaluating relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, infrastructure, IT systems, biological systems and other connected entities. It helps to create simple, yet powerful tools and models for understanding the behavior of complex and interconnected data.

FTI Consulting’s Network Analysis team has experience across the healthcare spectrum brining unique insights and solutions to audit and litigation problems by being able to visualize and capture the complex relationships in healthcare data and allowing for solutions traditional analyses fail to capture. FTI Consulting relies on a number of analytical methods, such as social network analysis and data visualizations, to detect fraud. We use our expertise to consolidate large disparate sources of data and perform rigorous analysis on the consolidated data to identify anomalies that help us detect fraud. For cases pertaining to the False Claims Act, our use of innovative techniques has revealed unexpected, yet systematic, relationships among physicians and other providers with respect to their common billing and claim submission patterns. These systematic relationships have been used in fraud detection and litigation proceedings to show the interconnectedness of fraud participants.

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