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Advanced Practitioner Solutions

Optimizing Advanced Practitioners within Care Teams

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November 2, 2015

America is currently facing a growing shortage of physicians, primarily driven by the Affordable Care Act, demographic changes, and the shift to value-based care. As a result, healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to Advanced Practitioners (APs) to enhance access to care and increase productivity across inpatient and outpatient settings.

Due to the rapid adoption of APs, many healthcare organizations fail to fully realize the potential of APs to drive quality and service improvements, reduce length of stay, leverage lower cost resources, and improve provider satisfaction, retention, and recruitment. In many cases, APs are added to fill empty roster slots or shortages in patient care coverage resulting from resident work hour restrictions and used to provide piecemeal clinical services that are not revenue generating or service enhancing. Additionally, APs are often not fully integrated into the clinical care team. FTI assists organizations in determining the appropriate use of Advanced Practitioners through the following guiding principles:

  • APs should practice at the top of their licensure
  • Well-integrated AP care team models improve access, enhance quality, and increase efficiency
  • Changes to the AP care team model should result in corresponding ROI improvements

To optimize the role of APs within the care team, FTI healthcare consultants with deep subject matter expertise, offer unique and holistic solutions that have proven successful in a range of organizations. Engagements include a comprehensive organizational assessment, implementation of best practices, and development of highly productive care teams.

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