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November 3, 2015

Our aerospace and defense industry experts are experienced in accounting, contract administration, engineering, finance, investigations, procurement, scheduling and statistics. Additionally, our professionals have intimate knowledge of the federal procurement rules that apply to federal government agencies, how those rules apply to government contractors and subcontractors and have testified in all types of tribunals including United States District Courts, The United States Court of Federal Claims, The United States Bankruptcy Court, and Civilian and Defense Boards of Contract Appeals. We have consulted on Federal, State, Local and Foreign Public Contracts and also have assisted with compliance issues involving the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Offices of Inspector General, the United States Departments of Justice and Labor, and multiple State Attorneys General Offices.

The FTI Consulting aerospace and defense industry team has represented a broad range of companies as well as public entities, from commercial start-ups and multinationals to government contractors working on aerospace and defense procurements to Department of Defense organizations and other public owners to third parties such as insurers. FTI Consulting clients benefit from our integrated service model, which enables them to tap into our accounting, financial and economic expertise to ensure that the right skillset is applied when and where it is needed.

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