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June 4, 2015

F TI Consulting’s ANALYTICS@WORK provides our clients with a secure web based platform to access our suite of advanced data analytics solutions. ANALYTICS@WORK supports high impact operational performance improvement efforts --from identifying your risk profile for a patient population group to determining bottom line saving opportunities through labor management.


Utilize the latest secure web based technology to enable anytime access and mobile alerts.

Gaining insight into your organizational performance and identifying actions that may be taken to position you for success is the goal of FTI’s ANALYTICS@WORK Solutions. By analyzing your raw data and augmenting with industry benchmarks and FTI standards, we turn your vast amounts of data into actionable information that you and your management team can leverage to achieve substantial organizational improvements and achieve a competitive advantage.

Knowledge Engine

The ANALYTICS@WORK Knowledge engine has been built from FTI’s extensive healthcare expertise along with our global cross industry experiences in complex legal, regulatory and economic environments. When applied to your data, our robust healthcare analytic algorithms enable powerful insights and distinguish our Solutions from other reporting and visualization tools. We have incorporated the “know how” to provide an analytic path to facilitate the analysis, management, and strategic planning for your organization.

Provide Insight Into Future Challenges Before They Arise

In today’s dynamic and evolving healthcare market, business as usual doesn’t exist. Leveraging our advanced Predictive Modeling and Analytic Algorithms, FTI’s ANALYTICS@WORK Solutions position your management team to address not only current demands but also identify and meet future challenges before they arise.

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