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May 23, 2016


FTI Consulting partners with clients to develop and enhance current Blood Product Management. We focus on data driven methodologies and tools to drive reductions in utilization through education, accountability and data transparency. We work closely with the medical staff, pathologists, blood banks and department managers to build a comprehensive and sustainable blood management process.

FTI has a unique approach that garners support from the medical staff, Quality and Compliance and Supply Chain Management. A Core team is created with representation from CMO’s, pathologists, blood bank leaders, quality leaders, utilization improvement leaders, supply chain leaders and service line leads for the areas of focus. We also create an interactive tracking tool based on client data that helps to identify trends and outliers. The Core team implements standard processes, reviews the blood utilization tracking tool on a regular basis, assesses outlier cases based on internal variation, transfusion guidelines, and benchmarking data, and develops strategies for addressing outliers. The Core team is the governing body that addresses all concerns, mitigates identified risks, and ensures improvement.

Industry Dynamics

Blood Product Utilization and Management carries significant clinical and financial risks. Despite ample evidence now available to support improving blood utilization, many institutions have not yet implemented comprehensive blood management programs. Part of the challenge for healthcare institutions in launching such programs is the lack of internal data to highlight opportunities for improvement, as well as missing structure to guide the effective development of these programs. FTI offers guidelines, utilization tracking tools, benchmarking, savings monitoring, change management, mentoring and coaching to assist clients in building their blood management program.

Through education, process flows, and data sharing the team communicates the blood management program throughout the organization. FTI has discovered that even within organizations with blood committees in place, there is usually room for continuous enhancement. Many physicians are not aware of where they rank among their peers for similar procedures. The FTI blood utilization dashboard allows for service line leads to drill into specific case detail for each physician or surgeon. The success of this program is largely based on being able to show realtime, accurate, interactive data to clinicians. This data helps support continuing education and peer to peer discussions on opportunities to enhance practice.

This initiative typically produces a savings of ten to twenty percent of total blood costs due to cross service line collaboration and data transparency.

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