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April 12, 2016

Managing Cardiology Supply Chain Cost
Supply Chain Cost Chart

FTI partners with clients to develop custom product formularies to address pricing for CRM, Endovascular and CVOR products.

We utilize data driven methodologies and tools to drive value and monitor sustainability.

Our experts focus on process, structure, system improvement and the unique circumstances of your organization. The custom formulary approach assists in the implementation of a new EMR, patient billing or contract tracking for sustainability in price savings.

We help craft solutions for focused immediate-term results balanced with longer-term transformational change that helps organizations achieve or sustain fiscal health and maintain their mission.

Using dashboards and tools FTI helps organizations track payer mix, reimbursement, surgeon utilization and cost savings.

Device Cost Benchmarking by
Provider & Cost Per Case

A Different Kind of Supply Chain Consulting Firm

  • Deep Dives into Supply Chain Processes
  • System-wide Supply Chain
  • Comprehensive Data Collection
  • CV Product Cost Benchmarking
  • Physician Engagement
  • Value-based Purchasing Strategies
  • Interactive Web-based Tools
  • Leading Practice Indicators
  • Sustainability Models

Sample Leading Supply Chain Clinical Practice Indicators

Sample Supply Chain Chart

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