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Care Management and Clinical Resources Management

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October 1, 2013

FTI Consulting assists in improving quality and financial outcomes. With integrated solutions, we address infrastructure requirements and operational dependencies between evidence based quality medical care and clinical team operational processes. Our value-driven solutions resolve current challenges while developing the integrity and data management infrastructure necessary to meet tomorrow’s needs. Hospital and healthcare systems can only be successful with effective CM and CRM processes that ensure quality and financial outcomes. We help hospital and healthcare systems develop the effective CM and CRM processes they need to be successful. We train your clinical specialists to monitor financial limitations and regulatory requirements while ensuring efficient quality clinical services are provided to healthcare customers. FTI Consulting CM/CRM specialists work with physicians, care management, quality, and healthcare team professionals to ensure your patients receive safe, efficient, cost-effective and billable care.

Clinical Care Management operational expertise with Academic Medical Centers, Community Hospitals, Payers and Physicians

Care Management/Clinical Resource Management
Managing quality, cost-effective patient care under diminishing reimbursement is the biggest challenge facing healthcare providers today. Seamless clinical integration and flawless operational execution are essential to maximize quality clinical outcomes and net revenues. FTI Consulting delivers net revenue improvements through integrated solutions which address the operational dependencies between evidence-based, quality medical care, clinical team operational processes and limited resources.

The FTI Consulting Approach
Our experienced, multidisciplinary team detects the inherent clinical and financial opportunities which often lie hidden within your organization. We identify process opportunities, provide a management action plan and deploy a team with deep functional experience to guide your team in implementing it to fix the root causes. The final result is an integrated process which significantly improves the quality of patient care and financial performance by systematically and accurately tracking every aspect of a patient’s movement through the continuum of care from pre-admission to post-hospital care. The level of efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery has direct financial implications. This is demonstrated in net revenue realization, cash flow and expenses. In addition, efficient and effective care delivery has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, from both a patient and physician perspective because it directly impacts patient access and physician ease of use.

FTI Consulting will quickly analyze case management and resource management activities to prioritize opportunities to rapidly increase cash. Our clients typically see results within 120-180 days. Concurrently, we identify root causes of process breakdowns to reduce extended payment cycles within the business office.

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