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Carve-Out Services

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

April 9, 2019

FTI Consulting’s Carve-Outs team is focused on minimizing operational disruption to preserve and create value through a carve-out or spin-off. From design through execution, we work side by side with owners and management from deal execution to Day One readiness and stand-up.

Why FTI Consulting

Industry and Functional Approach
We couple our deep industry experiences with practice-level expertise across complex transactions.

Hands-on Working Style
We work alongside management, bringing senior teams that roll up their sleeves to “get it done.”

Unbiased Viewpoint
We are candid and honest, offering an independent and neutral perspective.

Focused on Value Creation
We leverage a proven, but tailored, methodology for both speed and efficiency.

Conflict Free
We are not auditors, and therefore are not bound by independence or conflict issues.

Typical Client Concerns We Address

  • "Lack of proper carve-out due diligence leads to missed standalone or separation requirements.”
  • “Disruption of day-to-day operations leads to issues with customers, vendors, or internal stakeholders.”
  • “Poorly negotiated TSA misses key terms and lacks clarity or flexibility to support NewCo’s stand-up efforts.”
  • “Losing key talent, institutional knowledge, and potential lack of senior leadership alignment.”
  • “We need assistance with IT systems/processes to ensure a smooth separation from OldCo.”
  • “This is an opportunity to instill best practice; how do we do that and avoid disruption?”

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