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Contract and Risk Review for Contractors


April 26, 2019

The early prevention of commercial project issues is better than cure. Whilst no project can ever be risk free, identifying and mitigating risks ahead of time, whether in the pre-contract phase or during construction, ensures that projects can be managed effectively and future problems avoided. Our Construction Solutions team works with contractors and sub-contractors to identify, allocate and mitigate risk across the entire construction project, helping to minimise delays and prevent costly disputes.

Understanding Your Risks

From a single project review through to reviewing risks and obligations during the tender bidding processes for all of a client’s significant projects, we are trusted to provide cost-effective, timely advice to ensure a greater chance of financial success for our clients’ projects.

Why FTI Consulting for Construction Solutions?

FTI Consulting Construction Solutions offers a leading range of multi-disciplinary services to contractors, subcontractors, lenders, developers, funders and lawyers.

Multi-Disciplinary Team: Our experts are drawn from both commercial contracting and professional practice backgrounds. We’re also home to world-class economists, valuation and communication specialists so we can support your broader needs.

First Hand Experience & Knowledge: We understand the technical, business, regulatory and legal challenges facing the industry today.

Our Global Presence: We can swiftly deploy teams on a construction assignment wherever in the world our clients need us.

We Are Entirely Suited to Give Impartial Advice and Assistance: We are wholly independent of the traditional industry roles of designer, project manager and cost consultant.

FTI Consulting’s Forensic Heritage: Our advice is supported by unparalleled experience and when necessary, on robust evidence grounded in rigorous analysis.

We Offer Complete Support at Every Stage of a Project: Our individual breadth of experience and skills means we do not need to outsource any services.

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Key Contacts

Alastair Farr

Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe Construction Solutions

John McGill

Managing Director