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Complimentary Virtual Think Tank Session: Ethics & Compliance Programs

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April 30, 2020

It is inspiring to see government, public and private sector organizations collaborating to manage the wide variety of risks with COVID-19. The world has pivoted to focus on ways to manage the unprecedented impact of this pandemic and the risks it poses to organizations. Corporate compliance, investigation and legal departments are seeking innovative and cost-effective solutions to continue to prevent, detect, and respond to potential instances of legal, regulatory, and policy non-compliance and unethical conduct.

During this difficult period of uncertainty, it is paramount that organizations enhance operational efficiencies and improve cost-effectiveness, yet remain compliant with financial, governmental, and operational regulations. As legal and compliance professionals are aware, instances of fraud and misconduct, unfortunately, increase during times of crises as employees are confronted with new pressures or incentives related to their jobs.

At FTI Consulting, we have the expertise and tools to help organizations manage through this crisis. To that end, FTI Consulting is offering a 2- to 3-hour complimentary virtual think tank session to help you identify and prioritize innovative ways to manage the risk of fraud and misconduct in the midst of COVID-19 and assist with developing an action plan to incorporate into your broader strategy.

Potential Discussion Topics

  • Culture of ethics and compliance. Take deliberate steps to continue to re-affirm your organization’s positive tone at the top and the importance of legal and policy compliance and ethical conduct during times of crisis.
  • Governance and oversight. Identify ways to modify or flex your compliance and ethics oversight structure and management team in a virtual manner.

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