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Creating 24/7 Exceptional Customer Access to Health Care Experiences

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June 7, 2018

Our customer contact center and clinical practice solutions deliver high patient, provider and employee satisfaction while achieving peak performance in access to appointments, scheduling capacity and fill rates, nurse triage, virtual care, revenue cycle and practice and ancillary throughput, to name a few benefits.

We are experts in change management and transforming organizations into leading practices in delivering health services. Whether it is over the phone, via a smart phone application or in person, Health Systems partner with us to create competitive advantages in service efficiency and effectiveness, brand recognition, allegiance and market share retention and growth.

Our services include creating or optimizing in-house customer contact centers, practice and ancillary operations and strategically linking these with outsourced support when indicated. Our programs allow for standardization and automation of services and streamlining and leveraging people, processes and technology workflows to work smarter, not harder.

FTI Consulting and RelateCare services position clients as industry leaders in customer access, and provide significant ROI and the foundational building blocks for clients to move from volume to outcomes and value-based payment models.

Improving Customer Satisfaction: in a consumer driven world, whether patient, family or referring provider, ease of access to health services, responsiveness and reducing wait times are key to gaining loyalty and growing market share. Our programs consistently deliver exceptional patient experience journeys every time, improving brand recognition and allegiance.

Increasing Revenues and throughput through optimizing scheduling density, practice and ancillary operations.

Reducing Operating Costs: through automation, standardization and strategic outsourcing, organizations can achieve significant costs savings and ROI in improving the delivery of services.

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