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Data Visualization and Dashboard Solutions

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July 17, 2017

Today’s corporations have access to a diverse and growing population of data. Finance, operations and compliance teams make daily decisions based on data collected and analyzed for their business function.

The underlying data, however, is often stored in siloed systems, disconnected from other data sources within the organization and updated at irregular intervals. When systems are not aligned, developing insightful cross-segment reporting requires manual processes which can potentially lead to invalid conclusions.

The FTI Consulting Approach

A “single version of the truth” allows users throughout the organization to take data-driven action. Using a tactical approach, FTI Consulting works closely with clients to identify relevant data, compile data into a centralized reporting platform, build dynamic visualization tools and distribute reports across the entire company while adhering to strict security controls.

Centralized Reporting Platform. Focusing on automation and using a variety of advanced and trusted database tools and techniques, our process streamlines information collection from multiple sources and transforms data into useful reporting structures that live in a centralized platform.

Detailed Analytics and Actionable Information. We develop dashboards that connect to the centralized data platform and display information that allows users to instantly draw insight, identify trends, understand outliers and determine how to exploit opportunities or respond to issues. High-level summary dashboards help executives gain visibility and make strategic decisions, while detailed dashboards empower managers to make informed decisions in their day-to-day operations.

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