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Retail & Consumer Products: Demand & Inventory Planning

Corporate Finance & Restructuring | Retail & Consumer Products

June 28, 2019

We help retailers understand optimal inventory levels needed to ensure delivery of products to stores and online – balancing investment in working capital against lost sales. We work directly with functional teams to assess current state, identify improvement areas and develop actionable steps for resolution.

Typical Client Concerns We Address

  • “Mismatch between inventory mix and customer demand resulting in lost sales”
  • “Excessive human intervention”
  • “Limited connectivity between item/store performance and inventory levels”
  • “Minimum order/presentation standards constraining inventory turnover without an improvement in service levels”
  • “Forecasting system inaccuracies reduce ability to meet supply and demand requirements”

Our Approach

Our team utilizes a unique combination of industry experience and proprietary, data-driven statistical methods to develop a comprehensive inventory management approach customized for individual clients’ needs.

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