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E-Discovery Readiness, Management and Compliance

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August 7, 2014

FTI Consulting is known globally for its award-winning Ringtail® software and its Acuity managed review service and Predictive Discovery solution. Our tools and methodologies help clients streamline the entire e-discovery process, providing a single point of accountability.

Electronic discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and ongoing court interpretations have made electronically stored information a significant feature of complex litigation and regulatory investigations. New technology for enterprise content and storage management and e-Discovery are powerful tools for handling electronically stored information (ESI) preservation and discovery. Yet developing and executing a defensible and robust process for compliance within an insurance enterprise requires a holistic approach.

Unique Challenges within the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry

As one of the most regulated, complex and competitive industries, insurers and reinsurers face unique electronic discovery and compliance challenges. In responding to direct litigation, the industry is confronted by the myriad of enterprise and legacy systems and data requirements unique to actuaries, underwriters, policy and claims management, distribution, finance, accounting, risk management, auditing, and human resources. Especially problematic to these challenges is ESI associated with:

  • E-mail among internal staff, company agents and policyholders that are used to communicate policy and claims information throughout the insurance product lifecycle
  • Documentation related to actuarial decision-making under the proposed principles- based approach
  • The complexity and magnitude of external and internal data flowing into, and out of the many disparate models supporting the needs of underwriting, pricing, financial and risk management

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