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Emergency Department Solutions

Improving Emergency Department Throughput, Staffing, and Overall Efficiency

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November 11, 2015

A hospital’s Emergency Department represents the breaking point of its operation and is a key driver of health outcomes, throughput issues, and patient/staff satisfaction. Inpatient capacity limitations coupled with increased ED volumes have emphasized the need to enhance systems, processes, and data tracking to avoid the downstream impact of ED overcrowding. A focused performance improvement effort initiated in the ED will dramatically influence population health, downstream care, ancillary services, space utilization, and patient/staff experience.

Using industry and technical knowledge, systematic process reviews, and detailed data analytics and benchmarking, FTI’s team will identify and prioritize opportunities within your organization. Our comprehensive assessment will include interviews with key personnel in areas critical to ED processes. Central to any assessment is a review of the clinical aspects of the Emergency Department and the evaluation of the steps taken by patients at all acuity levels from arrival through discharge/admission. Included in our review will be quality of care, inpatient and outpatient capacity, nursing and ancillary support systems, and clinical technology. Reviews of staffing, productivity, and space planning will be driven based on the patient mix, processes, and culture identified in the clinical findings. Experience has shown that an initiative is most likely to succeed if the impetus for improvement comes directly from physician and medical staff leadership. As such, our focus will be on obtaining the support of these key individuals by presenting thoughtful, data supported solutions to their everyday problems with a primary focus on improving patient outcomes.

FTI Consulting Health Solutions assists in improving quality of care by addressing the infrastructure requirements and dependencies between evidence-based quality medical care and clinical team operational processes. In order to ensure the sustainability of the value-driven solutions, our team develops the integrity and data management systems necessary to meet future needs. Our clinician-based team has the direct experience in Emergency Medicine necessary to monitor regulatory requirements and financial outcomes while ensuring quality clinical services are provided to healthcare customers.

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