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Enhanced Community Health Needs Assessments

Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy

May 11, 2015

Driven by ACA guidelines, hospitals conduct CHNAs to transform, rather than simply reform, the way healthcare is delivered in a community. An enhanced CHNA focuses on identifying the causes of gaps in fully servicing patients’ healthcare needs so that the community or hospital is better able to transform the delivery system. Such assessments require more sophisticated techniques than descriptive statistics and surveys and the collection and analysis of data requires statistical methodology beyond the capabilities of staff for most hospitals and communities.

Which is when and why the professionals at the Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy (“the Center”) within FTI Consulting get involved. We have extensive experience in economic modeling, expertise with health metrics, and systematic approaches that incorporates local issues with national standards. We bring the type of analytical rigor, objectivity, and empirical methods required to perform high quality, meaningful analysis. As a result, CHEP creates a well-supported case for change — prioritized and actionable steps to address gaps in service delivery — that can be presented objectively to community and other healthcare stakeholders.

CHNA Background

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires § 501(c)(3) hospitals to prepare a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) at least once every three years. The CHNA must include an in-depth analysis of the community’s health needs and an implementation plan outlining the hospital’s proposal for addressing those needs. The PPACA does not set forth specific requirements for the CHNA although it does require that the CHNA include input from persons representing the broad interests of the population served, including those with special expertise or knowledge, and it must identify any needs that have not been met by the hospital and why these needs have not been addressed. The goal of the CHNA and implementation plan is to inform stakeholders of the critical health needs of the population, current healthcare resources, gaps in those resources, and plans for addressing these issues.

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