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Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

May 22, 2015

The Forensic & Litigation Consulting segment provides corporations, governments and law firms around the globe with the industry’s most complete range of multidisciplinary, independent dispute advisory, investigative, data acquisition/analysis and forensic accounting services. Our professionals combine end-to-end capabilities with unmatched qualifications when clients face high stakes litigation, arbitration, compliance investigations or regulatory scrutiny. Our Forensic & Litigation Consulting services are offered through a global network of 50 offices in 18 countries.

Dispute Advisory Services

Our Dispute Advisory Services experts and professionals have extensive knowledge and experience working with companies and their counsel worldwide to understand and address the critical financial issues arising from claims, adversarial relationships, disputes and litigation across all industry sectors. Our experienced global specialists advise and assist in all phases of judicial, regulatory, and administrative disputes from early case assessment and pre-trial discovery through to trial and appeal, and also act as independent accounting and damages experts. Our team has the essential qualifications and expertise in litigation, accounting, statistics, finance, economics, and business valuation to provide a wide range of economic analysis in any commercial dispute.

Financial & Enterprise Data Analytics

The Financial and Enterprise Data Analytics practice (FEDA) of FTI Consulting are experts in the discovery, transformation, analysis, and visualization of complex data to reveal actionable insight in underlying commercial disputes and regulatory inquiries. Our professionals work with clients to efficiently identify and access relevant systems and system-generated data that is applicable to a business issue, investigation or litigation. FEDA’s expertise and technical skill allow for the use of this data to provide additional insight through complex analysis, data mining for specific transactional activity, and the ability to define relationships across multiple disparate data sources, both internal and from third parties. In addition to the technical capabilities to address numerous third party and customized systems, the FEDA practice has a deep understanding of financial data; how it is stored, accessed and leveraged by companies. This uniquely positions FTI Consulting to assist companies with risk avoidance and mitigation measures in their operations or business transactions.

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Basil A. Imburgia

Senior Managing Director, Leader of North America Forensic and Litigation Consulting