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December 30, 2013

Robust governance within financial services firms, from the chairman and the board through to the most junior staff, has been recognised as a key differentiating factor of business success and resiliency. It also remains one of the highest priorities for regulators and politicians, who are calling for “better cultures”, “greater accountability of senior executives” and an end to miss-selling scandals.

The FTI Consulting Governance, Risk and Regulatory team is increasingly being called upon to assist clients with issues falling within the governance arena. Our client needs include evaluating board effectiveness and performance from a combined regulatory and personal/team, attributes/competency perspective as well as evaluating corporate governance structures and recommending adjustments to improve effectiveness.

We encourage comprehensive reviews that evaluate upward communication flows.

We work with senior leaders helping them articulate and embed their firm’s culture, mind-sets and behaviours and manage the related reputational and conduct risks.

We prepare board and senior executives for regulatory approval interviews and their roles more generally as well as providing on-going coaching. We also help develop and deliver board, executive committee and extended leadership team professional development programmes and/or topic-specific courses.

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