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Health Solutions Service Overview

Healthcare & Life Sciences

September 6, 2015

Facing intense competitive pressures, large and small healthcare providers turn to FTI to solve their most complex operational, financial, and strategic issues. The reasons are clear. Our professionals are practitioners and operators – not just consultants. They focus their industry-specific knowledge on each client’s unique situation, formulating and implementing customized performance improvement plans.

Performance Improvement

FTI takes a comprehensive approach to your revenue shortfalls and expense overruns involving multiple dimensions of your hospital’s operations including: revenue cycle and charge capture, supply chain variation and utilization, OR/perioperative innovation, labor productivity and process, physician enterprise operations and support, clinical operations efficiency, strategic positioning, service lines, patient satisfaction, quality of care, retention of nurses and employee morale. We become “Partners in Excellence” in all of these areas, delivering the tools, training, expertise and focused commitment to deliver sustainable change and positive outcomes.

Clinical Operations

To improve clinical and operational effectiveness, FTI helps clients reduce clinical variation and improve length-of-stay process. Concurrently, we identify opportunities to enhance patient flow, improve clinical documentation and coding integrity, and maximize clinical capacity. We also evaluate clinical care management, quality, outcomes, structure and medical management to improve organizational performance through teamwork.

Financial Advisory Services

Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to improve operations for better financial performance. FTI helps clients address the full spectrum of financial and transactional challenges, offering expert counsel and operational support with everything from changes in regulation and reimbursement to debt refinancing and restructuring. Some of our services include: Debt restructuring and refinancing; Covenant studies; Financial projections; Transaction advisory services; and Asset sales/liquidation and valuation.

Managed Care/Government Health Insurance Programs

Effective compliance with federal and state managed care mandates and guidance is essential in today’s highly scrutinized and regulated environment. In addition, healthcare reform legislation, such as the affordable care act, has created many new regulatory risks, as well as new business opportunities, for managed care companies. FTI consulting helps clients navigate this dynamic regulatory environment and provides services to develop, implement and manage effective compliance and all and operational programs to address these risks and opportunities. To compete in such a competitive and highly regulated marketplace, we help managed care companies of all sizes and types effectively structure, administer and protect their business, reputation and standing.

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