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Labor and Employment Litigation Services

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October 13, 2016

FTI Consulting is the largest consulting firm with expertise in labor disputes and investigations. We have experts in all relevant areas, including labor economics, financial analysis, statistics, survey design and execution, information systems and e-discovery. We have deep experience in analyzing wage-and-hour issues (such as unpaid overtime, meal and rest break violations and waiting time penalties) as well as assisting with regulatory investigations into employee hiring practices and discriminatory working conditions. FTI Consulting experts regularly perform analyses and provide expert witness testimony across a broad spectrum of labor and employment claims.

Class Identification & Early Case Assessment
FTI Consulting can provide clients and counsel with an understanding of the true scope of the problem early on in the matter, including identifying class members, determining the extent of the alleged violations, and calculating potential damages. By rapidly targeting and analyzing a company’s HR and financial data, we create a holistic view rather than providing estimates based on sampling.

Complex Analysis
Our approach centers on extensive data and statistical analyses of information from a variety of sources, including company, industry, government, and survey data. Our experts apply economic analysis and econometric techniques, which can be decisive tools both in assessing the merit of employment-related claims and in evaluating potential economic damages.

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