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July 17, 2018

When a company faces the possibility of being delisted from Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange or a foreign stock exchange, the very essence of the business plan can be jeopardized. FTI Consulting’s Listing Advisory Services team brings an unparalleled depth of experience and intellectual capital to organizations confronted with listing issues in order to preserve the listing. FTI Consulting has guided senior management, boards of directors and their advisors through Nasdaq and the NYSE’s delisting process with unrivaled success by employing proven successful strategies. FTI Consulting assists clients in understanding the dangers of an adverse outcome, while mitigating the uncertainty associated with the process.

The Critical Expertise and Practical Advice When You Need It
FTI Consulting’s Listing Advisory Services team has an intimate knowledge and a deep understanding of Nasdaq and the NYSE’s listing requirements and internal processes from years of experience with Nasdaq and from advising many clients facing issues before these and other stock exchanges. In every case, FTI Consulting’s insight, strategies and expertise have helped clients maximize every opportunity to obtain or retain their listing. FTI Consulting deploys small teams of experienced professionals who quickly gain an understanding of the facts and circumstances, and then propose proven strategies to achieve an optimal outcome and efficient resolution. 

It is not uncommon for senior management of a listed company to be surprised by quick and, in some cases, indiscriminate decisions that have significant ramifications on a listing or a listing application. Given the high stakes, this demands the support of highly focused specialists who can bring functional expertise and comprehensive knowledge to achieve a favorable resolution. FTI Consulting understands the nuances of Nasdaq and the NYSE’s processes and precedents, as well as the priorities and personalities of its decision makers. Together with the proper strategy, this understanding has resulted in our clients favorably resolving listing issues with minimal uncertainty of the ultimate outcome.

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