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The Competitive Edge - Maximizing CMS 2017-2018 Macra Incentives

$20 Million Annual Net Income Swing for 300 Provider Group Low-High MACRA Performance

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April 5, 2017

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is a bi‐partisan bill that is here to stay. Medicare financial incentives and penalties will be applied in 2019 based on the measurement period 2017‐2018. For a 300 provider organization, this equates to a range of +$15 million to ‐$5 million in net annual revenue impact. Missing the grade for a 300 provider medical group can mean the difference between having a positive versus negative bottom line for the group and health system. Early adopters who demonstrate high performance in efficient cost management and quality patient care have the greatest chance for achieving maximum benefit year after year. FTI Consulting Health Solutions provides a cost effective rapid assessment for groups and health systems seeking an independent evaluation of their MACRA performance compared to best practices.

In addition to the high net income at stake, high performing early adopters of MACRA are better positioned and able to demonstrate strength in delivering quality healthcare and moving on from MACRA to successfully engaging in other high impact programs in the rapidly expanding outcomes and value based care healthcare marketplace. Achieving top performance and rankings under MACRA requires efficient and strong alignment between providers, administrators, processes and technology, as well as robust reporting and transparent communication.

FTI Consulting Health Solutions is proud to be at the leading edge of this field with proven ability in helping its clients rapidly transform their operations to achieve best and healthier future. Contact us today to schedule a rapid assessment of your program.

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