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Performance Excellence

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August 8, 2014

Top performing companies are distinguished by their ability to achieve and sustain performance excellence throughout their enterprise value chains. These companies consistently outperform competitors, effectively taking advantage of opportunities while managing risk. Such high performance is not easily achieved under any circumstance, but is especially difficult given the volatile and disruptive operating environment within global markets.

Meeting the Challenges

Performance excellence is achieved when discrete operations across the enterprise function in harmony at optimum levels to achieve company strategic objectives. Accordingly, performance excellence requires company leadership to embrace a holistic and synergistic view of the enterprise – one that recognizes how business units, processes, information flow and decisions function together to achieve objectives. Gaining this perspective requires reevaluation of assumptions and the existing environment, enabling development of a clear vision and strategies for achieving the changes necessary in order to realize improvements across the insurance value chain. In addition, as a long term venture, achieving performance excellence requires persistence and early and continuous successes in order to fuel and position long term changes.

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Paul Braithwaite

Senior Managing Director, Co-Leader of Insurance Services