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October 1, 2013

At FTI, performance improvement is never defined strictly in terms of the bottom line. Instead, we take a deeper, more comprehensive approach involving multiple dimensions of your hospital’s operations including: revenue cycle and charge capture, supply chain variation and utilization, OR/perioperative innovation, labor productivity and process, physician enterprise operations and support, clinical operations efficiency..strategic positioning, service lines, patient satisfaction, quality of care, retention of nurses and employee morale. We become “Partners in Excellence” in all of these areas, delivering the tools, training, expertise and focused commitment to deliver sustainable change and positive outcomes. It’s a proven approach that re-energizes a hospital’s culture by nurturing its most important asset – its people – while building a solid foundation for long-term financial strength. We help transform cultures.

Our approach is based on more than benchmarks. It is based on the practical experience of seasoned, trusted healthcare professionals

FTI’s Performance Improvement Focuses On:
Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment

Problems must be identified before operational, financial and strategic solutions can be implemented. Our first step is to perform a Comprehensive Assessment which turns an objective, constructive eye toward your organization. This in-depth study into all relevant improvement opportunities generates the detailed and factual information required to develop the rationale and direction for making fundamental changes.

Developing EBIDA Improvement Projections FTI sets realistic, measurable, itemized goals and develops projections of financial improvement. On-going comparison to key targets allows you to follow progress in all areas as your facility’s bottom line improves.

Creating a Detailed Management Action Plan
Attention to detail is critical when effecting change. Every Management Action Plan we develop includes highly specific initiatives:

  • Line item metrics and targets
  • Clearly identified timelines
  • Clearly defined accountability by responsible parties
  • Resources and tools to be utilized

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