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Policy Analysis: Economic Thinking & Unique Insight

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May 14, 2020

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The pace of change in healthcare is unlike any other industry. Policies are constantly being proposed and amended, implemented and later modified to address issues of access, cost, and quality. FTI Consulting’s Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy has the experience and the expertise to analyze those proposals, estimate the impact of change in the context of a complex and evolving healthcare system, and quantify both the intended and unintended consequences.

Our Services

The Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy examines proposed policies both qualitatively, providing background and context to the policy proposal, and quantitatively, evaluating the magnitude of effects that the policy might have. Our quantitative analysis focuses on providing unique insights to policymakers to help inform decision-making. We highlight the proposed policy’s consequences that are either underappreciated or incorrectly estimated. We apply economic thought and tools to public and proprietary data to deliver novel understandings for public consumption and to enrich the public debate.

Our Experience

In conjunction with FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications segment, we have produced five issue reports examining the consequences of health policy proposals that are being discussed nationally.

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