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April 12, 2016

Purchased and shared service expenses across health systems are typically overlooked throughout the organization, which equates to significant missed savings opportunities. Best practices can reduce the total cost for supply chain and procurement processes within a health system, as well as provide transparency into purchasing alignment and optimize overall supply chain management.

FTI Consulting applies a systematic approach to streamline supply chain operations, improve processes, consolidate vendors, and optimize inventory management by implementing comprehensive solutions throughout a health system. Our goals are to improve value analysis processes, reduce overstock, and increase patient, physician and staff satisfaction while improving quality, safety, and bottom line results for the hospital or health system.

The Purchased Services team within the FTI Health Solutions Practice is comprised of industry experts with significant strategic, non-clinical and information systems experience across the supply chain continuum. We offer our clients a Purchased Service Manager Dashboard that contains over 200 categories along with an extensive non-clinical benchmark portfolio. These unique tools allow clients access to opportunities not identified through GPO contract adoption.

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Sudhi Rao

Senior Managing Director