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Retail Advisory - Australia Service Sheet

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April 27, 2020


While Australian retailers have been adapting to a changing landscape for some time, the enormous disruption of COVID-19 is the final trigger that many retailers will struggle to navigate. Few retailers, if any, will have planned for such an event that for some will close the entire store fleet for weeks, if not months.

For many retail leaders, talking about the bigger, more fundamental changes required to evolve and/or revolutionise their business can be a daunting step and is something that may not garner the focus it deserves.

We understand. We too think about the issues and challenges facing retailers today; how to drive growth, manage expenses and enhance return on investment in an environment where the accelerating pace of change is the only true constant.

These pressures pose significant risks to retailers and will fundamentally change the way they do business. In short, retailers must continue to refine their value proposition and focus on performance improvement across every aspect of their business to remain relevant and competitive.

Combine these challenges with tightening economic conditions, increasing regulation and a lack of harmonisation across the legislative environment and we have a completely disrupted retail industry.

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