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Retail & Consumer Products: Direct Sourcing

Corporate Finance & Restructuring | Retail & Consumer Products

July 2, 2019

We help retail and consumer product companies reduce cost of goods sold (COGS) and align with competitive market terms and rates. In doing so, we help our clients increase gross margin money and percentages and improve service levels.

Typical Client Concerns We Address:

  • "We only call 2-3 suppliers for bids because they know us”
  • "Implementing savings will be difficult due to transition complexities”
  • "We see limited connectivity between Brand Managers, supply chain and purchasing”
  • “There’s a lack of knowledge on what products ‘should-cost’ when we develop new lines or products”
  • “A lack of structured ordering processes has caused an increase in excess inventory and high weeks of supply”

Our Approach

We utilize a unique combination of industry experience and data-driven methods to develop a comprehensive approach customized for individual clients’ needs and focused on improving ROI.

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